Sleep consultant holding an infant after a nap

Welcome, weary parents!

Exhausted from your child's relentless sleep troubles? We understand.

Join us for a 30-minute confidential discovery call where you can detail your unique challenges. Find out how Cura Sleep Group's comprehensive pediatric sleep consulting methods can turn those restless nights into peaceful rest for your child.

A friendly heads up: Our program is indeed an investment, but it boasts a 100% success rate in ensuring restful nights for clients diligent in following it. We want you to know that in some instances, we may need to adjust the child's diet or sleep schedule. Moreover, we request that vacation or holiday travel is put on hold during your involvement in our program. If these possible changes feel untenable, we suggest you save your funds and explore other options. Otherwise, we look forward to speaking with you!


The vibrant life waiting for you on the other side of sleep.

A mother holds her happy baby after experiencing pediatric sleep consulting online
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