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Get professional pediatric sleep support to help your child sleep through the night.
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A mother holds her happy baby after experiencing pediatric sleep consulting online
A pediatric sleep consultant swings her fully rested toddler after nap time


Shouldn't be so hard. There's a reason it is.

There's nothing worse than your child not sleeping. It negatively affects the entire family. Together, we will change that.
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A pediatric sleep consultant swings her fully rested toddler after nap time

Say goodbye

To sleepless nights

Dream team

You'll be guided by our caring team of integrative pediatric sleep consultants, including a naturopathic physician and Gentle Sleep Coach with 9+ years of experience and a 100% success rate!

Proven process

Together, we'll resolve your child's sleep struggles in a gentle way that is attachment-based, rooted in science, and customized to your child's and family's needs.

Empowered parenting

You'll come away with new tools and a new paradigm on sleep, from underlying health to behavior, so that you can navigate the future with confidence.
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To hold you

Combined 20 years of experience
Integrated, whole-body approach
100% success rate for clients who follow-through
International client base
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We know what it feels like have an incessantly tired child and not be able to make heads or tails of why he just won't sleep.

If you’re like us, you’ve felt frustrated, alone, and hopeless. You’ve likely wondered if there was a trusted professional that helped you identify what's truly going on at the root. We know you want to enjoy your child (and the rest of your family), and it’s wrong that lack of sleep is continually getting in the way of that.

At Cura Sleep Group pediatric sleep consulting, we get it.

We know what it's like to be sleep deprived with a restless child who doesn't hit the expected sleep milestones.

For the past 9 years, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome their child's difficult sleep issues and experience restful nights.

As a new mom, Myra Hartzheim thought sleep would come naturally. She was told that as long as you bed-share, sleep isn't a problem. Baby just needs to be right beside you to sleep well. So...that's what she did for 18 months. Sleep rarely came. Baby was restless and needed to get bounced to sleep every waking (8 plus wakings a night!).

Something felt wrong. Baby's mind and body would not rest. Myra knew sleep training her when she was this restless was wrong. Through much searching and prayer, Myra learned that her daughter had food allergies that kept her from sleeping well (though she showed little to no symptoms being the case). After a diet change, baby slept better than she had her entire life! Shortly after the diet change, Myra implemented a gentle sleep training plan which was so gentle - and tearless - she was shocked! This child who a few months back would cry when being bounced to sleep in her arms just fell asleep virtually tearless!

Myra knew she had to bring this whole child approach to other families experiencing the same challenges as her. That's just what she did! She became certified through the most comprehensive and professional sleep coaching program: Gentle Sleep Coaches trained by the Sleep Lady. Myra also wanted to make sure that the approaches she used were promoting healthy attachment and mental health for the children she worked with, so she became a certified infant mental health professional through infant mental health promotion. She's continued holistic education in perinatal mental health, primitive reflex integration, polyvagal theory, and neurobiology of trauma and attachment.

After seeing so many sleep struggles caused by nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities that were not getting diagnosed through mainstream medicine, Myra went on a mission to find a naturopathic physician who was able and willing to work remotely with families to address any underlying health factors that are affecting sleep for so many little ones. After hundreds of hours searching for the right practitioner, Hearts & Dreams is pleased to announce the addition of a naturopathic doctor who will provide telehealth coaching and food intolerance testing for our clients!

Cura Sleep Group is committed to helping you get the sleep and lose the tears so you can stop feeling tired, frustrated, and hopeless. The process is simple — speak with a professional, decide what level of support you need, and start the healing process! Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to experience a vibrantly healthy, rested child – and a vibrantly rested you.

We believe sleep shouldn't be hard, and you deserve compassionate, science-driven support. We help you get the sleep and lose the tears to fully enjoy life.

Schedule your call now so we can get started.



A pediatric naturopath sleep coach holds an open stethoscope

Physician Lead Coaching

Including food intolerance evaluation
Newborn baby boy sleeping through the night with a stocking cap

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
African american schoolgirl using integrative listening system music in headphones

Integrative Listening System

for activating neural pathways
An integrative pediatric sleep coaching recipe for dietary restrictions in children

Dietary plan

Featuring specialized recipes
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How to

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Schedule a call

Discover if our natural and gentle approach is right for your family.

Discuss the level of support you need

Allow yourself to feel supported and held as you make changes.

Start the healing process!

Experience a vibrantly healthy rested child and a vibrantly rested YOU!

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Healthy sleep

Families struggle with sleep loss due to their children's unnecessary and unnatural sleep issues. We help bring balance to a child's body and nervous system to help children sleep the way they were meant to: soundly.

When a child is rested and balanced, they can experience the full vibrancy of life – and parenting then gets to be a whole lot easier! In short, we help families "Get the sleep and lose the tears."

There is no other holistic online pediatric sleep consulting program that helps families get to the root of what is causing their child's sleep issues like Hearts & Dreams does. Your family will have access to transformational techniques and tools you may only be able to find if you were to seek each specific technique selectively and choose to work with 6+ therapy and health clinics all across the US. We bring all of the tools and techniques to you in one place with the support of two professionals with a combined two decades of experience. Additionally, we promote gentle attachment-healthy approaches that align with your family values. We welcome all families wanting to get to the root of what is causing their child's sleep struggles.
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Family portrait of a family who sleeped trained a toddler to sleep through the night



Other sleep consultants out there focus on one primary thing: sleep training (aka behavioral modification). Our pediatric sleep program is designed to address the root of what's causing such complex sleep issues in the first place. Not only do we help you address the root of what's causing your child's sleep issues, we are right beside you all the way! You will receive personalized advice and support from our Dream Team: a naturopathic physician and a gentle sleep coach with 9+ years of experience and a 100% success rate!
Your Dream Team will be walking right alongside you, learning your child's patterns, drawing from your parental intuition as we use the foundational mechanisms of the body, brain, and nervous system to get to the root of what's causing your child's sleep disturbances. We have a track record of being able to help families who have tried everything before and finally choose to work with us and ultimately get the resolution they've been seeking for so long. Healing is a natural propensity for everybody. We promise to optimize your child's natural tendency towards rest, digestion, and healing with our combined two decades of knowledge, skill, and tools we have acquired.
Cura Sleep Group is the first virtual holistic pediatric sleep coaching clinic. We have techniques that include: Chronotherapy, primitive reflex integration, neurological organization, vegal regulation, hydro-therapy, individualized nutritional coaching, attachment-focused behavioral modification, and more! There is no other coaching program that offers all of these services.
We do not promote or recommend cry it out as a sleep solution. Many gentle sleep coaching approaches work just as well and uphold healthy parent/child connection through the process. Gentle sleep coaching approaches are what we help our clients implement.
This program is designed to help families who are open-minded and want to get to get to the root of what is causing their child's sleep struggles.



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The vibrant life waiting for you on the other side of sleep.

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